Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Ellen Spencer Mussey
Tent #1
District of Columbia

Tent / Department History

The Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent Number One was chartered as a Detached Tent in Washington, DC on October 8, 1902. Twenty-four women signed the original charter. Emma Hayward was the first president of the Tent.

The Tent was named for Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey, the wife of Civil War Brigadier General Rueben Delavan Mussey. She was the first woman to be admitted to the Bar in Washington, DC.
The Tent engaged in numerous community, patriotic, educational, historical, genealogical and civic projects.
The National organization granted Department status to the Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent in 1977, and in 1978 permitted it to become an independent Department: The Department of the District of Columbia. The group operates under Department rules and has complete representation in the National Body.
Charter Members of the Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent
Angelina E. Beckman Alice M. Kimball
Paulina A. Beckman Ella S. Knight
Cornelia Clay Mary LeTryon
Elmira Foley Pearl G. Little
Fanny Gushewsky Mary M. North
Jennie Hamilton Lillian A. Norton
Katie H. Hancock Anna M. Roberts
Emma F. Hayward Alice O. Sanderson
Alice Henkel Martha Spencer
Honora Jane Hoffleger Gertrude M. Stevens
Lilly Kemi Jennie Marvin Taylor
Hattie Kemi Laura Thompson
 Past Department Presidents of the Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent
2019-2021 Megan Ryno
2017-2019 Joan B. Trafton
2015-2017 Joan B. Trafton
2013-2015 Patricia Kottemann
2011-2013 Dorothy Cloud
2009-2011 Grace B. Clifford
2007-2009 Patricia Kottemann
2006-2007 Carolyn Mitchell
2004-2006 Felicia P. Stidham
2002-2003 Grace B. Clifford
2000-2002 Patricia Kottemann
1999-2000 Linda S. Murr
1991-1999 Sherry L. Padalino
1995-1997 Roena Bayes
1994-1995 Sherry Padalino
1993-1994 Sallie C. Pusey
1991-1993 Iva L. DiFrancis
1982-1991 Ellen J. Beckman
1981 Barbara Mook
1977-1980 Iva L. DiFrancis
1976 Argie Sornson
1975 Marguerite Harris
1974 Bonnie Moore
1973 Argie Sornson
1972 Elsie Allen Shores
1971 Marv B. Gordon
Clotida A. Burnett
Grace B. Green
1968 Kate L. Ohi
1967-1968 Violet Hopkins
1963-1966 Ellen Beckman
1961-1962 Mildred C. Baruch
1960 Mary Gordon
1958-1959 Alta Koyl
1956-1957 Lucetta Hewitt
1955 Thekla Kontos
1954 Celia W. Beckman
1952-1953 Pearl B. Colecchia
1951 Cora V. Dorsev
1950 Edith R. Bugbee
1949 Man M. Crawford
1948 Alice L. Lippold
1947 Myrtle L. Burke
1946 Laura A. Kane
1945 Edith R. Bugbee
1944 Mary E. Kerr
1943 Anne V. Hausman
1942 Mildred F. Poore
1941 Amelia A. Yoder
1940 Jessie M. Lewis
1939 Lizzie Bassett
1938 Clara Holbrook
1937 Svlvia D. MacLaughlin
1936 Eva C. Garis
1935 Alice Meade
1934 Lavinia Bashford
1933 Esther R. Lippold
1931-1932 Nan D. Slatten Thurber
1930 Anna Horn
1929 Ellen S. Meyer
1928 Olive A. Johnson
1927 Kathrvn C. Rann
1925-1926 Anna Hage McElroy
1924 Etoile Albright
1923 E. Helen Temple
1922 Katie A. Guiton
1921 Hermione A. Sutton
1920 Ella G. Clements
1919 Rosalie McK. Shelton
1917-1918 Marv Van Ness Fauth
1915-1916 Jennie L. Hamilton
1914 Hester B. Tritipoe Warner
1913 Bella J. Howe
1912 Ella L. Washburn
1911 Rose M. Sefton
1910 Genevieve M. Spencer
1909 Man H. Crenshaw Fortier
1906-1908 Anna M. Roberts
1905 Vivian D. Stanley
1904 Lillian A. Norton
1902-1903 Emma Hayward