Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Ellen Spencer Mussey
Tent #1
District of Columbia

About the Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent #1

Our Tent meets on a quarterly basis. 
Our annual Convention is normally held in June. The National organization granted Department status to the Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent in 1977, and in 1978 permitted it to become an independent Department: The Department of the District of Columbia. The group operates under Department rules and has complete representation in the National Body.
Information about our National organization can be found at their website

Operating Year: January - December 2024

Elected Officers
President: Feleica Fay Farr
Senior Vice President: Mary Regina Mortimer
Junior Vice President: Brenda Lee Auterman
Chaplain: Joyce Miller
Treasurer: Carolyn Yvonne Baker
Patriotic Instructor: Christine Carbone Sandoval
Council Member 1 (of 3): Bonnie Brose, PDP
Council Member 2 (of 3): Megan Ryno, PDP
Council Member 3 (of 3): Joan B. Trafton, PDP
Appointed Officers
Chief-of-Staff: Shannon Lee Patch
Secretary: Mrs. Alex Hurd Boozier
Registrar: Nancy L. Hoffer
Webmaster: Mrs. Alex Hurd Boozier
Co-Webmaster: Nancy L. Hoffer
Historian: (Comrade Member) Elena Bogino
Musician: Christine Carbone Sandoval
duvs Chairman: Shannon Lee Patch
ROTC: Shannon Lee Patch
VAVS Representative: Megan Ryno, PDP
Parliamentarian: Martha Victoria Hilton
State Veterans Homes Chairman: Vacant
Press Correspondent: Vacant
Guide: Vacant
Guard: Vacant
Assistant Guard: Vacant
Color Bearer 1 (of 4): Vacant
Color Bearer 2 (of 4): Vacant
Color Bearer 3 (of 4): Vacant
Color Bearer 4 (of 4): Vacant

Meeting Info

Our meetings are normally held near the Forest Glen Metro Station, but can be held anywhere around the DC area.  The pertinent location details will be listed on our Events Page