Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Ellen Spencer Mussey
Tent #1
District of Columbia


The National DUVCW offers a variety of scholarships; information can be found on National's website.  
Our Ellen Spencer Mussey Tent Number One offers the Maria M.C. Hall Memorial Educational Award to (a) worthy students(s) enrolled in higher education, in good standing, located in the United States.  Additionally, the student(s) must be a lineal descendant of a Union Civil War veteran.  The Application Form and one page letter must be sent before July 1.  Award recipients will be notified no later than July 31.  
Maria M. C. Hall was an exceptional Civil War Nurse from Washington, D.C.  She served in the Hospital Transport Service from 1861, removing both Union and Confederate wounded and ill during the Peninsula Campaign and the Battle of Antietam.  By the end of the War, she was serving as Superintendent of the U.S. Army Hospital in Annapolis, MD.